Why Do You Need Travel Insurance For Road Trips

Road trips offer a budget-friendly and enjoyable way to explore.

Whether solo or with loved ones, the memories are unforgettable.

Yet, like any travel, road trips carry risks.

Accidents or unexpected medical needs may arise, so preparation is key.

Travel insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring you can relax and fully enjoy your journey.

Travel insurance coverage for road trips
Travel insurance coverage for road trips: Photo source (TravelGuard)

Why do you need travel insurance for road trips?

People often prioritize purchasing travel insurance for their expensive international journeys but overlook the importance of obtaining coverage for car trips.

Despite being a cautious driver, the risk of a car accident is constant, especially when driving in a foreign country.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider emergency medical expense coverage.

Various unforeseen events, such as inclement weather, can disrupt your travel plans.

Any delay or cancellation may result in expensive rescheduling fees for accommodations and other scheduled activities.

Travel insurance offers the benefit of reimbursement for trip cancellations and interruptions.

This ensures that an unfortunate incident does not have to completely derail your trip or strain your finances.

Which Travelex plan is best for road trips?

Choose from various Travelex plans for your road trip needs.

The Travel Basic plan offers comprehensive coverage, including the Car Rental Collision upgrade, while the Travel Select plan provides higher maximums for each benefit.

Travel Select covers children 17 and under at no extra cost for family trips. Enjoy 24/7 travel assistance for any road trip hiccups.

For U.S. road trips lasting 14 days or less, consider the Travel America plan.

It covers car rental collision, provides roadside assistance, and allows coverage for up to eight travelers with shared benefits for a flat rate of $60.

Car Rental Collision upgrade

Apart from the automatically included benefits, the Travel Select plan presents five distinctive upgrade options. Particularly advantageous for road trips is the Car Rental Collision upgrade.

Opting for the Car Rental Collision upgrade ensures coverage for damages or losses to your rental car due to:

  1. Collision
  2. Vandalism
  3. Windstorm
  4. Fire
  5. Hail
  6. Flood

Emergency medical and dental coverage

Accruing medical costs is a swift possibility in the event of injury or illness during your travels.

Fortunately, travel insurance steps in to offer emergency medical and dental coverage precisely when you require it.

This becomes especially crucial when you find yourself in a location where your current health insurance plan doesn’t extend its coverage.

Luggage replacement

If you’re traveling on the road with valuable items, it’s important to have travel insurance coverage.

Travel insurance enables you to insure your valuable clothing, electronics, equipment, and other items so they are covered in the event the items are lost, damaged, or stolen during your trip.

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