What Is Business Travel Accident Insurance? Explore What It Covers

Business travel accident insurance is insurance that protects against accidental death and dismemberment. It’s a kind of pseudo life insurance that protects you while you’re traveling. The policy pays out if something happens, even if there are other policies in place on the person’s life. 

Generally speaking, travel accident insurance is limited to a few types of losses, including: 

  • Accidental death
  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Travel assistance services
  • Emergency medical expenses (sometimes, and with only limited coverage)

Different policies have different limiting provisions. Some only cover flight accidents. Others have coverage limitations based on travel destinations or distance from home.

Coverage levels vary based on the policy. If you travel frequently, consider a policy with more coverage.

To ensure you’re covered, consult your TrustedChoice.com independent insurance agent.

How Did Business Travel Accident Insurance Begin?

Travelers accident insurance began when businessman James Patterson met banker James Bolter in a post office.

Patterson’s insurance company offered accident coverage for a mere two cents, and that company became Travelers, shaping business accident travel insurance.

Who Purchases Business Travel Accident Insurance

I travel a lot for work, but unsure about getting business travel accident insurance.

Who usually buys this insurance? Companies, especially for key employees at high levels or those crucial to the company’s success.

Then there are some travelers who purchase business travel accident insurance for themselves. These travelers are typically:

  • People who travel to dangerous destinations for work (war correspondents, journalists, etc.)
  • Government employees
  • Missionaries
  • Business travelers, depending on the frequency of travel

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t purchase business travel accident insurance if you aren’t on this list.

If you’re not quite sure whether you should buy it, a TrustedChoice.com independent insurance agent is your best resource to make a decision.

Types Of Business Travel Accident Insurance Covers

Travel accident insurance covers various issues if someone is seriously hurt while traveling for work, including accidental death (plane or bus crashes) and dismemberment.

It also covers emergency medical treatment, hospitalizations, surgeries, and other healthcare expenses while away from home.

What To Ask About Business Travel Accident Insurance Policy

Business travel accident insurance coverage varies like other insurance types.

For example, distance requirements from home or defining business travel can affect the policy.

Proof of the accident occurring during work may be needed if a business trip extends into personal time.

Policies can offer 24-hour coverage or be limited to business hours.

Working with your agent is crucial to ensure effective coverage for you or your business.

How To File a Business Travel Accident Insurance Claim

If the worst happens, file your claim promptly and safely. Businesses with coverage should train employees to report injuries quickly.

Follow policy procedures, reach out to customer service, and provide documentation for faster claim processing.

Business owners must ensure proper insurance coverage for protection.

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