What Does VHI Travel Insurance Cover

VHI offers travel insurance for all types of travelers, with options from basic to comprehensive coverage.

Our policies include medical, emergency, baggage, and 24/7 assistance.

What is not covered by travel insurance?

Check your travel insurance carefully, as it typically won’t cover trip interruptions due to known events like epidemics or fears.

NHI travel insurance
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Consider a comprehensive policy for peace of mind, covering delays, cancellations, lost luggage, and emergency medical costs, enhancing your travel experience.

Does VHI cover you abroad

Fantastic news! Your Vhi Healthcare insurance plan includes coverage for in-patient hospital charges, up to €65,000 / €100,000 for emergency treatment during overseas vacations.

You can travel worry-free, knowing your family is protected during emergencies.

When considering travel insurance, ensure it includes cancellation cover for unexpected situations like illness or injury that might force you to cancel your trip.

What is the most common travel insurance claim?

Godlin’s claims data reveals that the most frequent claims involve trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, and trip interruption costs.

These are common traveler claims.

When selecting travel insurance, examine the medical expenses coverage.

While most policies include some level of coverage, the extent can differ.

Ensure your chosen policy adequately covers all potential medical expenses during your trip.

Does travel insurance cover 100%?

If COVID-19 makes you hesitant to travel, note that many policies can refund up to 75% of your trip costs if specific conditions are met.

This coverage applies in various situations, such as trip cancellations due to government advisories or health concerns. Check your policy for claim requirements.

Travel insurance focuses on vacation-related aspects like cancellations, personal belongings, and emergency medical care.

International health insurance, on the other hand, covers inpatient treatment, check-ups, and ongoing care for chronic conditions while abroad.

What is the difference between trip insurance and travel insurance

Travel medical insurance handles medical expenses during your trip, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and evacuation.

Trip insurance safeguards your financial investment if you must cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason.

With Vhi MultiTrip, enjoy peace of mind with up to €2,000* coverage for lost or damaged luggage.

You’ll also receive €500 coverage for missed departures due to road accidents or mechanical breakdowns.

Whether it’s a short trip or a longer vacation, Vhi MultiTrip has your back.

What is considered covered trip cancellation

Travel plan cancellations can happen for various reasons. Typically, covered reasons include unforeseen illness, injury, or death of the traveler, a companion, or a family member.

Other covered reasons can encompass events like terrorism, bad weather, or natural disasters.

Additionally, travel insurance can refund airline ticket date change fees for covered reasons, within the plan’s specified limit as described in your confirmation letter.

Does travel insurance cover hotel costs?

When planning a trip, consider getting travel insurance. It can reimburse prepaid trip costs and early return expenses due to unforeseen events.

Carefully review your policy’s details for coverage.

There are many travel insurance companies to choose from. For affordability and coverage, Travelex starts at $24 with a $25,000 limit.

Allianz Travel Insurance is a strong option at $138 with starting limits of $3,000.

InsureMyTrip offers value starting at $25 with varying coverage limits.

For comprehensive coverage, World Nomads starts at $100 with limits ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.


Vhi travel insurance safeguards against various travel risks, including medical emergencies, trip interruptions, lost baggage, and more.

It’s a crucial tool for peace of mind and financial protection during your travels.

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