Is IMG Travel Insurance Legit? Unveiling The Truth

Exploring the realm of travel insurance may seem overwhelming, even for seasoned travel enthusiasts.

With numerous companies vying for attention, each claiming to provide unparalleled coverage at unbeatable rates, selecting a trustworthy partner for your safety and peace of mind during international travels can be challenging.

In our continuous commitment to furnish travelers with precise and valuable information, we are directing our focus towards IMG Global, a prominent entity in the travel insurance domain.

Having delivered innovative insurance products to global travelers for over three decades, IMG Global has solidified its position as a key player in the industry.

Nevertheless, a lengthy presence in the market doesn’t automatically equate to the ideal choice for your specific requirements.

This all-encompassing evaluation will scrutinize the history, products, and customer feedback associated with IMG Global, equipping you with the insights necessary to determine if this travel insurance company aligns with your upcoming adventure needs.

Prepare for an insightful journey as we embark on this exploration.

Is IMG Travel Insurance Legit?
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Brief History About the Company

Established in 1990, IMG (International Medical Group) has risen to prominence as a frontrunner in the global insurance industry.

With its headquarters situated in Indianapolis, Indiana, IMG presents a diverse array of cutting-edge insurance solutions tailored to meet the diverse requirements of global travelers.

Renowned on a global scale, the company is acknowledged for delivering top-notch medical insurance products catering to the needs of travelers across the world.

Products Offered by the Company

IMG provides an extensive range of insurance offerings, encompassing international health insurance, travel insurance, medical coverage for expatriates, and insurance for mission groups and marine crews.

The company extends a multitude of travel insurance choices, such as Patriot Travel Medical Insurance, Patriot America Plus, Patriot Platinum, and various others.

Tailored to accommodate the needs of a diverse spectrum of travelers, IMG’s insurance plans cater to individuals, families, and groups alike.

What’s Special About the Products

What sets IMG’s products apart is their broad and flexible coverage. The company provides extensive benefits such as emergency medical evacuation, coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, trip interruption, lost luggage, and more.

Some plans, such as the Patriot America Plus, even include adventure sports coverage.

They also have customizable deductibles and policy maximums, allowing travelers to tailor the policy to their specific needs and budget.

What Do Customers Think About IMG Global

IMG Global receives favorable reviews from its customers, who express satisfaction with the extensive coverage and cost-effectiveness of the plans.

Numerous users highlight the convenience of buying and renewing policies through online platforms.

Nevertheless, as is the case with any insurance company, certain customers share less positive experiences, frequently linked to claim rejections or interactions with customer service.

Controversies About IMG Global Travel Insurance

Despite being a well-established and esteemed company, IMG Global, like any sizable corporation, has encountered controversies.

A subset of customers has voiced discontent regarding the time taken for claim processing and instances of claim denials.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that a significant portion of these grievances stem from misconceptions about the terms and conditions outlined in the policies.

This underscores the significance of thoroughly reading and comprehending the details of your policy before making a purchase.

Should You Buy IMG Global’s Travel Insurance Plans?

If you’re an international traveler looking for comprehensive coverage at a competitive price, IMG Global is a solid choice.

Their wide array of plans and benefits ensures there is a product suitable for almost any travel scenario.

However, as with any insurance purchase, it’s vital to read the policy carefully and make sure it meets your specific needs.

How Is the Network?

Is IMG travel insurance legit
IMG Travel Insurance, underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, holds an “A-Excellent” financial strength rating from AM Best. As a rapidly growing travel insurance carrier in the US, they are an experienced, full-service operation: Photo source (VisitCover)

IMG boasts a broad global network of healthcare providers.

This extensive network ensures that, no matter where you are in the world, you can access quality medical care.

IMG’s website provides an easy-to-use tool for locating healthcare providers within their network.

How Good Is the Customer Service?

Customer opinions on IMG’s customer service are varied.

Certain customers commend the assistance and responsiveness of the customer support team, while others encounter challenges with communication.

Nevertheless, the company ensures continuous customer support around the clock and provides various channels for assistance, such as phone, email, and live chat.

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Among IMG’s products, the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plans are quite popular due to their flexibility and comprehensive coverage options.

Patriot America Plus, with its robust coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, is particularly preferred by older travelers.

In conclusion, IMG Global is a reputable insurance provider that offers a wide range of flexible and comprehensive travel insurance products.

It’s always recommended to do your research, read the policy details carefully, and choose the plan that best fits your travel needs and budget.


What types of travel insurance does IMG Global offer?

IMG Global offers diverse travel insurance products, including trip cancellation plans and comprehensive international medical coverage. Specialized plans are available for activities like adventure sports.

Does IMG Global cover COVID-19 related claims?

Yes, many IMG Global plans cover COVID-19-related medical expenses. Coverage specifics vary by plan, so review policy details or consult with an IMG representative for accurate information.

How do IMG Global’s premiums compare to other travel insurance providers?

IMG Global’s travel insurance premiums are competitive and depend on factors like age, trip duration, and chosen coverage level.

How do I file a claim with IMG Global?

To file a claim, complete the form on IMG Global’s website and submit it with necessary documentation.

What is IMG Global’s reputation among customers?

IMG Global generally receives positive reviews for coverage and service, though individual experiences may vary. Some customers report dissatisfaction with claim handling.

Is IMG Global a good choice for adventure sports coverage?

IMG Global offers specific plans for adventure sports enthusiasts, making it a preferred choice for such travelers.

How does IMG Global handle pre-existing conditions?

Coverage for pre-existing conditions varies among IMG Global plans. Some plans provide a waiver if specific requirements are met.

What network of medical providers does IMG Global offer?

IMG Global boasts a vast global network of healthcare providers. Plan holders can find suitable providers on the IMG Global website.

Remember to thoroughly understand all terms, conditions, exclusions, and benefits before purchasing any insurance plan. Carefully read policy documentation and contact the insurance provider with any questions.

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