Is Crystal Travel Legit? Unveiling The Ultimate Truth

Crystal Travel, a well-known travel agency, has garnered attention for its broad spectrum of services designed to enhance the ease and affordability of travel.

Having been established for several years, the company asserts that it offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry, coupled with outstanding customer service.

In an online landscape that often fosters fraudulent activities, it becomes imperative to ascertain the legitimacy of any company we rely on for our travel arrangements.

This blog post seeks to explore the workings of Crystal Travel, analyze customer feedback, and evaluate the overall trustworthiness of the agency.

By illuminating these facets, our goal is to present a thorough assessment of whether Crystal Travel is a legitimate entity.

Is Crystal travel legit
Crystal Travel is a legitimate travel agency that provides reliable services at an affordable price: Photo source (Reddit)

What is Crystal Travel?

Crystal Travel, part of the Moresand Group based in Jersey City, is a trusted travel company with over 35 years of experience.

Specializing in pocket-friendly domestic and international flights, they offer hassle-free bookings to major cities worldwide.

With ATOL protection, Crystal Travel ensures reliability. They pride themselves on providing some of the cheapest flight tickets, offering exclusive deals and discounts on their website.

The company prioritizes customer service, offering 24/7 support through live chat, email, and phone.

Additionally, a loyalty program rewards frequent flyers with discounts and perks.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Crystal Travel, a well-established travel agency, has garnered generally positive reviews from customers over the years.

Commendations include efficient booking processes, helpful staff, and a wide array of travel options at affordable prices.

Many customers appreciate the ease of finding discounts.

Despite the overall positive feedback, some customers have reported negative experiences.

Issues include slow customer service responses, challenges with refunds or cancellations, and instances of hidden fees.

Despite occasional concerns, most customer reviews indicate that Crystal Travel offers reliable services at an affordable price, providing a generally positive experience for travelers.

Business Accreditation and Licensing

For any credible travel agency, obtaining accreditation and licenses from relevant government bodies is a prerequisite.

Crystal Travel adheres to this standard, having undergone proper registration with all required authorities to operate as a legal travel agency.

Crystal Travel proudly holds an ATOL license issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and is a registered member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The company has also earned accreditations from various reputable organizations, including TripAdvisor, ABTA, and Skytrax.

These endorsements serve as additional confirmation that Crystal Travel is a bona fide travel agency, assuring customers of its commitment to providing safe and reliable services.

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Customer Service and Support

Crystal Travel offers a range of communication channels for customers to connect with its customer service team.

Whether through email, live chat, or phone, customers can address any queries or concerns related to their bookings.

The company’s website also hosts a comprehensive FAQ section, addressing numerous common questions and issues customers may confront.

Renowned for its helpful and professional approach, Crystal Travel’s customer service team consistently earns praise for its prompt responses and friendly assistance.

Past customer reviews overwhelmingly reflect satisfaction with the service received.

Furthermore, customers have the opportunity to benefit from the company’s loyalty program, earning discounts with each flight or hotel booking through Crystal Travel.

Pricing and Value for Money

Crystal Travel ensures competitive pricing, striving to offer customers excellent deals on their trips.

Clients frequently appreciate the affordability and value for money, with discounts and deals available year-round.

The loyalty program further rewards patrons, guaranteeing optimal deals on flights and hotels.

Compared to other agencies, Crystal Travel stands out for its compelling pricing and exceptional value, particularly when leveraging the discounts on its website.

Transparency and Honesty

Crystal Travel known for its transparency and honesty. The company provides customers with explicit information regarding their pricing, extra fees, and policies.

Which helps them make an informed decision when booking a flight or hotel.

In addition, It offers customers the ability to view all of their bookings and changes in real time through their website.

This allows customers to easily keep track of their bookings and ensure that everything is as expected.

Note: Crystal Travel has not faced any major controversies related to dishonest practices. The company strives to be open and honest with customers when it comes to prices, fees, and other policies. Customers can expect an accurate quote when they book a flight or hotel. Through this travel agency without any hidden costs or surprises.


Crystal Travel is a reputable agency offering affordable and reliable services, accredited by government bodies like ATOL and IATA. Known for efficient booking, helpful staff, and transparent pricing, it ensures customers receive fair deals with discounts available year-round.

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