How Much Is Disney Travel Insurance? A Complete Review

Exploring Cinderella’s castle or embarking on a Disney Cruise promises an unforgettable vacation.

Nevertheless, it might also rank among the most expensive journeys you’ll ever undertake, making travel insurance a vital consideration.

Given the uncertainties prevalent in travel today, safeguarding your investment becomes increasingly important.

How much is Disney travel insurance
Disney travel insurance has a flat fee: $82.50 per adult and $6 per child. That’s a great deal if your trip is expensive, not so much if you’re on a budget. Coverage is relatively limited: Image Courtesy (Forbes)

By the Numbers

Options for travel insurance include reputable companies, credit cards, and Disney’s add-on for vacation packages at its U.S. theme parks.

Disney’s insurance costs about $6 per child and $82.50 per adult for Walt Disney World Resort packages.

Fixed-fee insurance is suitable for expensive trips but not ideal for budget vacations. For example, a family stay at Four Seasons Resort Orlando during Easter, with add-ons, might total $15,000.

Adding insurance costs $183, approximately 1.22% of the overall cost.

On the other hand, a May trip for two adults at Disney’s Wyndham Lake Buena Vista with three-day tickets for $1,200 increases to $1,365 with insurance—a 14% price hike.

Ideal travel insurance should be around 1.2% of your total vacation cost.

A 14% increase is high, considering most insurance ranges from 5% to 10%, per the United States Travel Insurance Association.

For Disney Cruises, insurance is based on a percentage of the fare (typically 8%), with a minimum of $35 and a maximum of $1,600 per person.

For a $8,078 European cruise in summer 2023, insurance would be $646.24 (8% of the fare).

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What Does Disney Travel Insurance Cover?

If you’ve booked a Disneyland or Walt Disney World trip, consider Disney’s Travel Protection Plan, available for U.S. residents or those abroad booking through Disney’s website.

Coverage includes trip interruption, trip delay, luggage loss, emergency medical costs, rental vehicle damage, travel accident, and 24/7 emergency assistance.

The plan, underwritten by Arch Insurance Company, varies based on location.

Note that Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney have different coverage terms.


In today’s unpredictable vacation landscape, even a brief two-day escape necessitates insurance, and that’s where Disney’s Travel Insurance proves invaluable.

This coverage ensures reimbursement for trip cancellation, trip delay, luggage delay, and even damage to rental cars.

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