Does Triple a Have Travel Insurance

Yes, AAA provides travel insurance plans that can help protect you before and during your trip.

You can choose from a variety of plans that offer flexibility and support when your trip doesn’t quite go as planned.

Triple travel insurance
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Does AAA cover me abroad?

AAA provides both annual and single-trip insurance options for both domestic and international travel.

Their policies encompass various contingencies, including trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, and more.

With a solid reputation in the travel insurance industry, AAA ensures the reliability of its policies through a team of seasoned professionals.

However, it’s worth noting that AAA Travel Insurance tends to be on the pricier side and may have limited benefits in the travel medical category.

Members may find it beneficial to explore the market and compare alternatives for better coverage and more competitive pricing.

What is trip interruption protection with AAA

A robust travel insurance policy reimburses up to $1500 for out-of-pocket expenses, including meals and accommodations, in case of trip delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, theft, illness, natural disasters, or severe weather.

It’s essential for travelers, offering peace of mind with coverage for delays, cancellations, lost luggage, and emergency medical costs.

Can I use my AAA in Europe?

AAA Members enjoy savings at 2,500+ partner locations in Europe.

Discover international membership savings on your local AAA website.

International Affiliate Members can access the site by clicking here.

Consider travel medical insurance as a supplement to your health coverage.

It’s valid only during travel, providing emergency coverage for those planning trips abroad.

What travel insurance will not cover

When traveling and drinking, get insurance covering accidents or theft.

Note that policies may not cover alcohol/drug influence.

Regarding pre-existing conditions, most comprehensive plans exclude them; check with your insurer.

Additional fees may provide coverage, but common exclusions include bone and joint conditions.

What are three types of travel insurance?

Three types of travel insurance are: medical coverage (for medical expenses), cancellation/interruption coverage (for trip costs), and luggage coverage (for lost or damaged luggage).

For detailed information about your coverage or carrier, contact your insurance agent.

Note that your policy may have limited coverage for overseas rental cars but is unlikely to cover your personal vehicle.


Yes, AAA provides various travel insurance options, including medical, trip cancellation, and baggage coverage.

The ideal plan depends on factors like trip type, duration, and individual health and travel history.

AAA offers customizable insurance plans to suit each member’s unique needs.

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