Does Travel Insurance Cover Stolen Items

Certainly, travel insurance offers protection against stolen belongings.

Should you fall victim to theft during your travels, promptly reach out to your travel insurance provider to report the incident and initiate a claim.

Depending on the terms of your policy, travel insurance may provide reimbursement for stolen items, cover emergency medical expenses, assist in replacing lost travel documents, and more.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be aware that coverage limits exist for stolen goods within travel insurance plans.

To illustrate, these plans typically cover the theft of specific items, such as jewelry, electronics, cameras, and sporting equipment, up to a designated amount.

In the event of theft, it is imperative to report the incident to local law enforcement within 24 hours of the items disappearing.

If immediate reporting to the police is not feasible, inform someone else, such as your tour representative, hotel manager, or transportation provider, and obtain a written report.

Travel insurance coverage for stolen items
Travel insurance coverage for stolen items: Photo source (NerdWallet)

What is not covered by travel insurance

Should you have upcoming travel plans, it’s crucial to note that travel insurance typically does not provide coverage for trip cancellations or interruptions resulting from events that are known, foreseeable, or expected.

This encompasses occurrences such as epidemics or travel apprehensions.

Therefore, if there’s a possibility of an event that might lead to the cancellation or interruption of your trip, it’s advisable to reconsider your travel insurance policy.

In the case of your electronic devices being lost, stolen, or damaged during travel, it’s essential to ascertain whether your travel insurance extends coverage for such losses.

Generally, travel insurance excludes coverage for losses or damages to electronics caused by the traveler.

However, if the loss, theft, or damage is attributed to your common carrier, such as an airline or tour operator, your travel insurance should cover the incurred loss up to a specified amount.

Can you claim insurance on lost items?

If your belongings get damaged or stolen, file a claim with your insurance, but coverage depends on your policy.

AA Insurance, for instance, offers two coverage levels: Contents for comprehensive protection.

Keep in mind, insurance companies aim for profit, so take steps to improve your chances of claim approval if it’s legitimate.

Ensure you gather all required documentation for the insurance company, like receipts and reports.

Stay persistent in following up as insurance companies may stall.

If issues persist, consult a lawyer for assistance in securing rightful compensation for a legitimate claim.

Does travel insurance cover 100%?

Most policies reimburse 50-75% of trip costs if conditions are met, useful for COVID-19 concerns.

International travel insurance covers various incidents such as lost baggage, passport, extra accommodation costs, etc.

Optional add-ons like home-burglary insurance are available for additional protection.

What type of insurance protects things you own from loss?

Homeowners should secure personal property coverage to protect belongings from damage or loss.

This includes furniture, clothing, electronics, and kitchenware. Check policy limits and options to ensure adequate protection.

Note that while theft may be covered, loss of cash may not be, so consider this when deciding on insurance.

Why would a travel insurance claim be denied

Generali’s travel cancellation insurance covers flight delays of 10 hours or more as a standard feature.

Understand your policy details for cancellation or delay coverage.

When choosing travel insurance, ensure it covers your entire trip duration, includes all destinations, and considers pre-existing medical conditions.

Add extra coverage for risky activities, and be mindful of the policy excess, the amount you pay in a claim.


Travel insurance typically does not provide coverage for stolen items.

Although there are cases where stolen items may be covered, it is not guaranteed.

It is advisable to consult your insurance provider in advance to confirm if your policy includes coverage for stolen items.

If not, you might want to explore purchasing a policy that offers such coverage.


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