Does Travel Insurance Cover Pilot Strikes

Travelers often assume their insurance will protect them during a pilot strike, but this is usually not true.

Most policies exclude coverage for situations beyond the traveler’s control, including pilot strikes.

If you worry about this affecting your plans, consult your provider to inquire about specific coverage.

In short, pilot strikes are not covered by travel insurance.

Travel insurance coverage for Pilot strikes
Travel insurance policies commonly exclude events beyond the traveler’s control, including pilot strikes. Nevertheless, certain plans might offer coverage for delays and cancellations resulting from strikes. It’s essential to review policy specifics to ascertain the extent of coverage in such situations: Photo source (Sapling)

Does travel insurance cover a pilot strike?

Certainly, my travel protection plan provides benefits for trip cancellation, trip interruption, and travel delays.

I’ve been quite satisfied with this coverage as it has proven beneficial in saving me money on previous occasions.

Additionally, if an airline fails to notify you of a flight cancellation at least 14 days before your scheduled departure, you are entitled to compensation.

The airline is required to offer you an alternative flight within a reasonable timeframe.

What conditions are not covered by travel insurance?

Before purchasing travel insurance, it’s crucial to understand its limitations.

Most policies do not cover pre-existing physical and mental health conditions, so check with the insurer if you have existing health issues.

Some insurers offer coverage for pre-existing conditions at an extra cost, but review the policy details carefully.

Commonly excluded conditions include bone and joint issues.

Additionally, if you plan to drink or use drugs during your trip, ensure your insurance covers accidents or theft related to these activities.

Without proper coverage, you might face significant expenses without a means to pay them. Stay informed to avoid unexpected costs.

Do you get compensation if your flight is delayed due to strike?

Even if the airline isn’t directly responsible for a strike, EU law may entitle air passengers to compensation.

If your flight is canceled due to the strike’s indirect impact, confirm your eligibility for compensation with the airline.

During an Air Traffic Control strike, your rights to refunds and assistance remain, but monetary compensation from the airline is unlikely due to it being an “extraordinary circumstance.”

However, you could potentially claim through your travel insurance, so it’s advisable to review your policy.

Do airlines pay for hotel if flight Cancelled

Airlines must compensate passengers for expenses like meals and hotel rooms if flight delays or cancellations are the airline’s fault, as per the Denied Boarding Compensation rule.

Check your airline’s policies for details.

Trip interruption insurance covers unused trip costs if you have to cut your trip short due to unforeseen illness, injury, or death of the traveler, a companion, or a non-traveling family member.

It provides peace of mind and financial protection in case of unexpected trip cancellations.

What is the most common travel insurance claim?

Travel insurance commonly covers trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, and reimburses certain trip costs if interrupted.

It provides peace of mind during your holiday, protecting against cancellations, delays, medical expenses, and lost or stolen property.

Independent travelers find it particularly valuable, as it offers support similar to what a tour operator or travel agent might provide.

How many hours does your flight have to be delayed to get compensation

Passengers delayed for over five hours are eligible for a refund, and transfer passengers missing connections due to delays are entitled to a return flight to the original departure point.

The Department of Transportation mandates protections for delays, including meal vouchers and accommodations when delays exceed three hours or occur overnight, provided the delay is within the airline’s control.


Travel insurance generally does not include coverage for pilot strikes.

However, the extent of coverage varies among policies.

Some may classify pilot strikes as a “force majeure” event, covering related delays or cancellations, while others may not.

It’s crucial to carefully review your policy’s details to understand the specific inclusions and exclusions.

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