Does Travel Insurance Cover Missed Connections

Certainly! Travel insurance policies often include coverage for missed connections, which is a standard feature in comprehensive travel insurance plans.

Some credit cards also offer this coverage as a benefit to cardholders.

However, it’s crucial to carefully review your policy and understand the specific details of the coverage.

Missed connection coverage acts as a safety net if you’re unable to catch your flight, cruise, or other transportation due to unexpected events covered by the policy.

It reimburses you for expenses incurred because of the missed connection.

These events can include certified delays by a common carrier, documented weather conditions preventing your departure, quarantine, hijacking, strikes, natural disasters, or terrorist attacks.

It’s important to be aware of these details to ensure you’re protected in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Missed connections
Comprehensive travel insurance and some credit cards include missed connection coverage, reimbursing costs if you miss a flight or transportation due to unexpected events. Check policy details for coverage specifics: Photo source (Sapling)

Am I covered by my travel insurance for missed flights?

Travel insurance that covers missed flights can be purchased, but the extent of coverage varies depending on the policy and circumstances.

Basic travel insurance plans, particularly the more affordable ones, often do not include coverage for missed flights.

To obtain this coverage, you usually have to pay extra for an additional option.

It’s important to note that even with this add-on, some policies might only cover missed outbound and final inbound flights, excluding connecting flights.

If coverage for missed connecting flights is a specific requirement, it’s essential to carefully review the policy details before making a decision.

Does it matter why I missed the connecting flight?

Even when you buy travel insurance for missed flight connections, whether you will be eligible to claim will be subject to specific criteria – as set out below.

What does travel insurance for missed flights cover?

Before filing a claim for missed flight coverage under your travel insurance, it’s essential to understand the typical inclusions in these policies.

These may encompass:

  1. Public transport delays
  2. Road accidents (with certain insurers requiring incidents on dual carriageways or motorways)
  3. Car breakdowns
  4. Severe weather

It’s crucial to be aware of what the insurer specifically covers, as there are situations where the responsibility lies with either you or the airline.

What if a missed connection is the airline’s fault?

If you find yourself in a situation where you miss a flight due to your airline’s failure to transport you to the next airport on time (provided you have a single ticket), the airline is obligated to arrange an alternative flight for you.

They are also responsible for covering accommodation and food expenses if needed.

In such cases, travel insurance for missed flights does not offer compensation since the airline is at fault.

Refer to our guide to understand the coverage provided by your travel insurance and the responsibilities of your airline in instances of airline strikes, delays, and cancellations.

What if a missed flight connection is my fault?

If you missed your connecting flight because you simply spent too long in the duty-free or the airport bar, you’re very unlikely to be offered compensation through your travel insurance for missed flight or from the airline.

What if a missed flight connection was due to missing my original outbound flight?

Whether your insurance will provide coverage for missing your connecting flight due to a missed outbound flight depends on the circumstances.

If your failure to make it to the airport on time (accounting for heavy traffic) or passing through security (considering long queues) was due to insufficient time, your claim for travel insurance covering missed flights is likely to be denied.

However, if you missed your initial flight due to reasons such as significant delays in public transport, a road accident, car breakdown, or severe weather conditions, your claim might be approved.

Will my travel insurance cover me if I make my own arrangements for a missed flight that isn’t my fault?

If you make your own arrangements for missing a flight due to something like severe weather, you should receive compensation from your travel insurance provider.

However, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the first ticket – so don’t expect to be paid out by your insurer if you go on to book a new flight in a higher class.

If I miss my departure flight, will my return flight still be valid?

If you neglect to inform the airline about missing your initial flight due to your own fault and decide to arrange an alternative on your own, there’s a high probability that your return flight might get canceled.

The airline needs your confirmation and details to make necessary arrangements or to retain your return ticket, which they usually sell if there’s no communication.

Even if your tickets were bought separately, it’s crucial to keep them informed about your plans to avoid any complications.

What if I have checked my luggage but missed my flight?

If you miss your flight with checked luggage, you won’t be covered.

If the airline loses your bags temporarily, they might cover essential costs.

Inform the airline immediately; there’s a chance they can help or store your bags safely at the arrival airport for you to pick up later.

What should I do if I miss my initial flight or connection?

If you find yourself at the airport after missing your flight, head to your airline’s customer services desk and calmly explain the situation.

Being polite is essential in such cases. Additionally, ensure you have suitable travel insurance coverage for missed flights and connections by comparing various travel insurance deals and carefully reviewing the policy details.

How much can I claim on travel insurance for missed flight connections?

Each travel insurance policy will set down a cap on the amount you can claim for missed connecting flights.

This can be anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand pounds depending on the policy.

What do I need to claim a missed connecting flight?

When making a claim for a missed connecting flight, gather ample evidence.

Collect original travel documents, receipts, and tickets, and store digital copies in a specific folder.

Confirm delays or cancellations with the airline’s customer services and take screenshots of app updates.

Photograph public transport display boards for proof of delays.

For road delays, capture photos or videos (if you’re a passenger) and obtain confirmation from relevant authorities.

If your vehicle breaks down, get written confirmation from the breakdown company.

How can I avoid missing my connecting flights?

When booking connecting flights, aim for a minimum one-hour transfer window for domestic and two hours for international flights, regardless of whether they are on separate tickets or a single through ticket.

Airlines sometimes provide tight turnaround times, so be prepared.

Check if customs or terminal changes are necessary, whether it’s the same airline, and if it’s the last flight of the day.

Avoid distractions like shopping or coffee; prioritize reaching the departure gate promptly.

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