Does Travel Insurance Cover Excursions? Explained

Travel insurance is essential for any trip, covering medical expenses, trip cancellations, and lost luggage.

It generally includes standard activities but excludes high-risk ones like bungee jumping.

Check with your provider for specific coverage.

Excursions canceled due to unforeseen events may be covered, but not if you change your mind.

Travel Insurance for Excursions
Travel insurance policies are designed to cover specific, named events only, not everything that may happen. Therefore, while it generally would cover medical care for an injury sustained during an excursion, it would not cover cancellation of a tour: Photo source (Sapling)

What activities are covered by travel insurance?

A comprehensive insurance policy covers various risks like delays, cancellations due to sickness, lost luggage, and emergency medical costs.

Although more expensive, it provides extensive protection and peace of mind.

It can reimburse prepaid trip expenses for covered reasons, including airline tickets, hotels, and tours.

What does travel insurance not cover

If you’re considering cancelling or interrupting your trip due to an event that has already happened or is expected to happen, your travel insurance likely won’t cover you.

This includes things like epidemics and fear of travel.

This coverage is important to have if you are running an excursion tour business as it will protect you from any claims made by tourists who are injured or have their property damaged while in your care.

This coverage does not extend to motorized vehicles or boats, but does include non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, and sunfish.

What is the most common travel insurance claim?

If you’re planning to buy travel insurance, be aware that most policies only cover delays in blocks of six hours.

So if your flight is delayed for eight hours, you’ll only be reimbursed for six.

There are many reasons why you might need to cancel your trip, and most policies will cover a wide range of cancellations.

The most common reasons for cancelling a trip are injury or illness, hurricanes or other natural disasters, and bankruptcy or financial default of the travel company.

Does travel insurance cover 100%?

Travel insurance typically reimburses 50% to 75% of trip costs if canceled due to COVID-19 or quarantine recommendations.

While it costs 5 to 10 percent of the trip, it’s worthwhile for potential coverage of expenses like emergency evacuation and medical bills.

Check your insurer for specific coverage details.

What is the maximum length of a trip that can be covered by a travel insurance policy

For extended trips lasting six months to two years, long-stay travel insurance is essential.

Unlike standard policies, these cover the entire duration and include additional protections like missed departures, legal expenses, and personal liability, along with the usual coverage for medical expenses, canceled flights, and lost belongings.

Does travel insurance cover cancelled excursions?

If you need to cancel your cruise excursion for a covered reason, your travel insurance can help you out.

You can be reimbursed for any unused, nonrefundable, pre-paid trip costs.

This can help you out if you have to cancel for a covered reason like inclement weather or an illness.

A trip is a journey made for some purpose, usually including the return trip.

An excursion is a day trip made for pleasure, usually by a group of people.

What are the benefits of excursion

Excursions help kids explore, boosting confidence and skills.

They’re vital for child development.

When buying travel insurance, ensure the right duration, coverage for all destinations, and understand pre-existing conditions.

Extra coverage might be needed for risky activities.

Check affordability of excess and ensure belongings are covered.

Report theft promptly to the insurance company.

How does travel insurance work for trip cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance refunds nonrefundable trip costs if you cancel for a covered reason, usually medical issues preventing travel.

It offers peace of mind and ensures you can recover lost expenses, making your trip more enjoyable.


No, travel insurance does not cover excursions.

There is no definite answer as to whether or not travel insurance covers excursions.

It typically depends on the policy and the provider.

It is advisable to check with your insurance provider to see if your policy covers excursions before you purchase one.

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