Does Travel Insurance Cover Airbnb? Here’s What You Need To Know

Insurance companies deem Airbnb as pre-booked accommodation.

This means your Airbnb stay is completely insurable should something happen.

But always be wary of the fine print and hidden conditions.

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Knowing if travel insurance covers your Airbnb stay is important. I’ve heard many horror stories from around the traps, so that’s why I have put together this article. I don’t want you becoming one of these horror stories!

This guide will cover all the important things you need to know and will hopefully answer any questions you have about guest insurance.

What Insurance Do I Need For Airbnb

Any travel insurance company will now have Airbnb under their insurance umbrella. But you need to read the fine print to ensure they cover all aspects that make Airbnb unique to hotels.

Features to tick off when looking for an insurance policy:

  • Medical Expenses – This will cover you if you should fall down the stairs in your Airbnb and break a leg or sprain an ankle.
  • Lost or Stolen Property – Be mindful if you are staying in a Private Room or a Shared House that your belongings are always locked up. If they aren’t and something gets stolen in a public area like the kitchen, insurance won’t cover you
  • Cancellations – This will cover you if for some reason you or the host should cancel your trip.
  • Personal Liability – This will cover you if you should damage something inside the property. Coverage will include If you break an expensive vase or accidentally break a window, etc.

As long as your policy has these features listed, you should be more than covered for your stay.

Pesky Government Regulations

When traveling to a country with Airbnb restrictions, watch out for insurance gaps.

Your coverage could be void if your booking violates laws.

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Check online for the country’s rules. Japan and Australia have tightened regulations, causing booking losses.

Know the rules before your trip for Airbnb and insurance alignment.

Airbnb Not As Advertised

So you drive up to your Airbnb excited to see this luxurious 2 bedroom apartment overlooking the Thames. You walk through the door and it is a pigsty. It’s nothing like the photos and the only view you have is of next doors brick wall.

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This scenario happens all to often and has travellers asking is Airbnb covered by travel insurance.

So, is a misrepresented Airbnb covered by travel insurance? Unfortunately not. But, Airbnb may be able to help you out here.

Airbnb Guest Refund Policy Covers The Following Issues

  • The listing isn’t clean, is unsafe or has undisclosed animals living inside.
  • The number of bedrooms, advertised amenities or location is not listed correctly.
  • The host fails to provide reasonable access to the property

Submitting a claim isn’t as easy as just calling Airbnb. You must show that you have tried to work out any issues with the host. You must not have caused the issue yourself and you have tried to remedy the situation.

Failing that, you must contact Airbnb and they will either issue you with a refund (after you have shown proof) or find you a new place to stay.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Airbnb?

Airbnb has insurance for hosts, including property liability and guest-caused damages.

It covers accidents, like breaking items or injuring yourself.

Still, relying solely on their insurance isn’t advised.

Airbnb can be challenging for claims; parties often incur costs rather than direct payouts.

Airbnb Extenuating Circumstances

  • Severe Damage to the Home – You can cancel penalty free if you are the host and your home is not fit for guests. But only when it’s due to damage or if there are no basic amenities like running water.
  • Death – If the guest or host passes away or if there is a death in the immediate family, you’ll be eligible for a refund. You will need to provide proof in the way of a death certificate, an obituary notice or a news article naming the deceased.
  • Serious Illness – If you or anyone in your travelling party get seriously ill, you will always qualify for a refund. First you’ll need to present a doctors certificate showing that you cant travel. The date stamp must be after the date of your booking.
  • Government-Mandated Obligations – You can claim if you get called up for jury duty, military service or a court appearance. You can also apply for a refund in the case of travel restrictions. Again, you will need to show an official notice and the date must be after the date of your booking.
  • Airport and Road Closures –
    You will be eligible to make a claim if it is impossible to get to your Airbnb due to airport or road closures. You must show a notice of closure or proof of your cancelled flight.

Last-minute cancellations by guests hurt hosts, who also bear the cost as Airbnb deducts refunds from their future bookings.

Travel insurance is crucial to avoid financial losses for all parties involved.

Unregistered Guests

With self-check-in now common on Airbnb, many are tempted to sneak in extra guests to avoid fees.

Some are unaware they’re breaking rules, while others knowingly do so to save money.

Not registering every guest risks no insurance coverage, as Airbnb’s liability insurance requires guest disclosure.

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Avoid third-party bookings, as discussed in my article on Airbnb’s stance.

In case of damage, without proper registration, guests bear responsibility for costs.


I have emphatically confirmed that Airbnb is indeed covered by travel insurance, treated on par with hotels by your provider, ensuring worry-free travel.

Though there are instances where Airbnb’s own insurance might provide coverage without separate travel insurance, the stringent and often challenging conditions make reliance difficult.

In essence, foregoing insurance jeopardizes both you and your hosts financially in case of mishaps. The gamble isn’t worth it.


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