Does Travel Insurance Cover a Death in The Family

Experiencing a family member’s death is emotionally overwhelming, and for travelers, it can create additional challenges.

Such a situation might force you to cancel, interrupt, or alter your travel plans abruptly.

However, modifying even a single airline ticket can be expensive, and airlines often decide whether to waive change fees.

Family death insurance coverage
Does travel insurance cover a death in the family: Photo source (

This policy applies to cruises and prepaid tours as well.

Travelers, especially those with elderly or ill family members, often wonder if travel insurance covers family deaths.

The answer is yes, albeit with certain limitations.

How travel insurance helps with family death

Here’s how travel insurance works when a death occurs in the family:

Important exceptions

It’s important to note that there are some important exceptions travelers should understand. These include:

  • The family member must be a ‘covered’ family member and every plan defines this differently. In some cases, for example, a sister- or brother-in-law may not be considered a covered family member. You’ll find the list of covered family members in the definitions section of your travel insurance plan documentation.
  • The death must not have been the result of a pre-existing medical condition (even one that you or the family member didn’t know about) unless you purchase a plan with coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • The death must not have been the result of suicide or mental illness as these are excluded from all travel insurance coverage.

People often find it surprising that their travel insurance doesn’t cover losses involving best friends, close acquaintances, or pets.

This is because these individuals and pets, though significant to us, might not be considered family members according to the policy’s definition.

To make a claim for such situations, you need ‘cancel for any reason’ coverage and must cancel within the specified timeframe, sometimes as early as two days before your trip.

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