Do You Need Travel Insurance To Go To Bali

While not obligatory, many skip travel insurance for Bali.

Yet, for activities like extreme sports, hiking, or medical conditions, it offers essential coverage and peace of mind.

Not mandatory for Bali trips

Is travel insurance necessary for Bali? While not obligatory, having medical travel insurance for Bali is strongly recommended due to potential emergencies.

It’s wise to be prepared to avoid significant financial burdens.

From March 2021, Indonesia requires COVID-19 coverage, valid for your entire stay, alongside full vaccination and a PCR test within 48 hours of departure.

Bali Entry Requirements

For Indians, an Indian passport is essential with 6 months validity post visa and 2 blank pages.

Bali Travel Insurance
Bali travel insurance: Photo source (InsureMytrip)

Travel Insurance for Bali: While not obligatory, some countries now demand travel insurance, often including COVID-19 coverage. Check entry requirements beforehand.

Indonesia Travel Insurance

For Indonesia, recommended coverage includes $50,000 Emergency Medical and $100,000 Medical Evacuation according to Square mouth.

Medical exemption requires a negative PCR test 3×24 hours pre-departure.

Countries Requiring Travel Insurance

Certain nations necessitate travel insurance due to the pandemic. Some demand COVID-19 coverage, while others require overall medical coverage. Check your destination’s entry requirements before traveling.

Bali Entry Requirements: Indian passport required with 6 months validity post visa and 2 blank pages.

Indonesia Travel Insurance

For Indonesia, recommended coverage is $50,000 Emergency Medical and $100,000 Medical Evacuation by Squaremouth.

Non-vaccinated due to medical reasons need a negative PCR test 3×24 hours pre-departure.

What countries are requiring travel insurance?

Travel Insurance & Requirements: Different options available; know countries like Anguilla, Antarctica, Argentina, etc., demanding insurance. Chile, Cuba too. Research for your safety.

Stay Updated: Check latest requirements before travel; changes possible. Return/onward ticket often necessary for entry.

Visa and Vaccinations

Apply for Indonesian visa if needed. For Bali, crucial vaccines: MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis), polio, influenza for disease prevention.

The importation of the above listed items is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted by the relevant authorities. The items are restricted in order to protect public safety and security.

Travel Insurance Examples

Travel insurance safeguards nonrefundable bookings like flights, hotels. Cancelled trip protection. Not covering accidents under alcohol/drugs influence or theft while intoxicated. Read policy details before buying.

Necessity of Travel Insurance

Crucial for international trips, especially where health insurance doesn’t apply. Coverage includes hospitalization, treatment, emergency evacuation in Bali.

Travel Insurance Costs

Indonesia trip insurance starts at ₹4082/day*. Guards against medical emergencies, cancellations, lost baggage, and more. Average cost: 4-12% of total trip expense.

Mask and Vaccination in Bali

No mask mandate in Indonesia, personal choice.

Qatar’s updated vaccination policy: Fully vaccinated exempt from quarantine.

Importance of Travel Insurance for Bali

Need depends on personal factors and coverage. Commonly offers medical expense and cancellation protection.

Travel Insurance for Bali

Essential for uncertainty. Accounts for health insurance, activities, risk tolerance. Smart to have coverage for unforeseen events.

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