Do You Need Travel Insurance For Greece

For a Greece trip, ponder on travel insurance. It’s a sought-after tourist spot with varied activities. While most enjoy, travel carries inherent risks.

Decide on insurance by assessing health coverage.

Robust insurance may negate need, but limits might prompt purchase.

Greece Travel Insurance
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Trip cost matters. Luxurious plans could warrant coverage, while budget trips may skip it.

Lastly, personal risk tolerance shapes the call.

Insurance offers peace, but some opt for chance.

No fixed answer, but consider your stance for Greece travel insurance.

Do you need travel insurance to visit Greece?

Travelers to Greece may consider purchasing travel insurance for coverage in case of cancellations, delays, lost luggage, or medical emergencies.

With potential risks and costs, it’s a prudent choice.

Greece offers a top-notch Healthcare System, granting free healthcare to all residents, including expats, EU citizens, and the unemployed.

How much is travel insurance for Greece

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EHIC or GHIC holders get full medical coverage in Greece, including pre-existing conditions and emergencies.

Do I need an international phone plan for Greece?

To use your phone in Greece (non-EU), get local SIM or activate global roaming.

Local SIM cheaper; need unlocked phone and compatibility.

Global roaming costly; track usage to avoid high charges.

Also, wear masks on public transport due to COVID-19, with additional measures for domestic flights.

Can I use my phone as normal in Greece?

For phone use in Greece (non-EU), get local SIM or activate global roaming before leaving.

Local SIM cheaper, get it at mobile store with passport.

Global roaming costly for calls, texts, data.

Recommend Greece’s ESY for healthcare, offers free/low-cost coverage.

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What to do if you need to see a doctor in Greece

Greece’s NHS offers free 24/7 access to a coordinating doctor via phone (1016) from any landline or mobile.

Appointments with specialists can be arranged too.

To save on your Greece trip, skip pricey popular islands.

Explore lesser-known islands or mainland for affordable options without missing out on Greece’s attractions.

How much should you expect to pay for travel insurance?

For any trip, big or small, travel insurance is essential.

It costs around 4-12% of your total trip cost but offers peace of mind and vital protection, potentially saving thousands in emergencies.

Greece trip costs: Around €32/day for meals, €24/day for local transport, and €116/night for a couple’s hotel.

A week-long trip for two totals about €1,722.

Do I really need travel insurance for Europe?

Travel insurance to Europe
Europe travel insurance: Photo source (

Even well-planned trips can go wrong.

Travel insurance helps with costs from lost luggage, flight cancellations, or unexpected medical expenses.

While Europe is usually safe, risks exist. Be ready for surprises with travel insurance, ensuring coverage during emergencies.

Several countries, like Anguilla, Antarctica, and Argentina, demand travel insurance for entry.

Others include Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Chile, and Cuba.

Do I need travel insurance when Travelling to Europe?

For international travel, get travel insurance.

Check if it covers COVID-related issues and activities.

In Greece, tipping isn’t common for locals, but tourists usually leave a small tip.

Restaurants: 10-15% cash tip for service.


Choosing travel insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Research well to match your needs and trip.

Consider trip cost, duration, activities, health, coverage, deductibles, and comfort level when deciding on travel insurance for your Greece trip.


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