Do I Need Travel Insurance For Egypt

Before embarking on a trip to Egypt, it is essential for all travelers to contemplate the importance of travel insurance.

Without adequate coverage, individuals face the prospect of being left without any form of compensation or access to medical care in the event of unforeseen incidents.

Egypt travel insurance
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Do I Need Travel Insurance for Egypt?

Various travel insurance policies exist, each with different coverage levels.

They encompass trip cancellation/interruption, personal liability, emergency medical care, medical evacuation, and lost baggage coverage.

Some policies also provide extras like pre-existing condition waivers and repatriation aid, though they come at an additional cost, offering valuable benefits for international travel, including trips to Egypt.

Does the Egyptian Government Require Tourists to have Travel Insurance?

Is travel insurance mandatory for Egypt? 

As of the time of writing, it was not mandatory for visitors to have any sort of travel insurance plan in order to visit Egypt. 

Do i need travel insurance for Egypt? 

Well, let’s just say that it is certainly a good idea. The chances are you won’t need it or use it, but disaster can strike at any time.

With proper insurance coverage you can enjoy your trip to Egypt knowing that you are fully covered in the event that something goes wrong.

Goods Stolen from your Luggage while Traveling

One of the primary motivations for buying travel insurance is lost baggage coverage.

Typically, it offers protection of up to $100 per person per incident for stolen items from your luggage during travel.

While no one likes to entertain the idea of someone rifling through their belongings, it does occur more frequently than one might think.

It’s important to clarify that in cases of luggage delay or permanent loss, you should file a claim with the airline since it falls under their responsibility.

Most travel insurance policies do not extend coverage for such situations.

Medical Coverage when Traveling to Egypt

If you’re headed to Egypt and concerned about medical coverage during your trip, especially for extended stays, consider your options.

Your choice of medical coverage depends on your budget.

Basic coverage with lower premiums is available if that’s your preference.

For comprehensive protection, you might pay more for enhanced coverage.

Whatever you decide, be sure to fully comprehend the policy you’re purchasing.

Additionally, check if your chosen insurer has a presence in Egypt.

Ideally, opt for travel insurance with emergency medical coverage of at least $50,000.

Emergency Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Cover

Another common reason for purchasing travel insurance is Medevac coverage.

This type of medical insurance includes air ambulance services and is typically a part of major travel insurance policies.

If the cost is a concern, you can purchase a standalone Medevac policy.

It’s especially important for seniors and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions to consider Medevac coverage.

For added security, aim for at least $100,000 in Medevac coverage.

Do I Need Travel Insurance for Egypt Multi-Destination Tours?

After exploring Egypt’s famous sites, many opt to visit nearby countries like Israel and Jordan.

Note that while Egypt doesn’t require travel insurance, some destinations like Israel mandate medical coverage for Coronavirus illness.

Check your insurance for this coverage when shopping for travel medical insurance.

Insurance from Card Providers

Major card providers like Mastercard and Visa offer basic coverage when you use their cards to pay for flights.

This includes trip cancellation, trip interruption, and lost luggage coverage.

Some cards may also cover rental car loss or accident damage at no extra cost.

Egypt Tour Operators and Holiday Insurance

Some Egypt tour operators may offer holiday insurance upon request or as part of their tour package.

The advantage is that this insurance is provided by a local company with offices in Egypt, making it convenient in case of a medical emergency during your trip.

While Egypt is generally safe for tourists, accidents can happen, and local insurance can simplify the process if you require medical treatment.

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